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  • Wednesday Apr 13th, '11 @ 5:40pm
    New Release! Errro 2: Outer Space
  • Errro 2: Outer Space
    posted by mike
  • Errro 2

    User posted Image

    Windows Download (~40MB)

    Source Download*
    errro2.tar.gz (~35MB)
    I'm happy to finally announce the official release of Errro 2: Outer Space. Like many sequels, Errro 2 takes the coolest parts of the original game and adds in a number of new features. In this case, I ended up even adding a completely new game mode!

    Just like the original game, Errro 2 features a screen-wrapping mechanic. When you walk off of the left edge of the screen, you appear at the right edge of the screen; when you fall off the bottom of the screen, you appear at the top of the screen.

    In the sequel, though, you will also discover various new gameplay mechanics such as world rotation and Gravity Bombs. In the end, you will have to combine all of your skills to complete the 100 puzzle levels available.

    Errro 2: Outer Space also debuts a completely new gameplay mode called "Darkslide." In Darkslide mode, you can play through 30 multi-screen levels that constantly scroll from the start of the level to the end of the level. Not only do you have to think creatively to solve the puzzles in the level, but you also have to do so quickly to keep up with the scroll!

    User posted Image

    Level Editor
    Errro 2 also features a completely reprogrammed level editor that gives you access to every object and mechanic that the single player levels use. In a matter of minutes you can create, test and upload your own custom creations for everyone else to try!

    You will also find a new DLC system that lets you quickly browse for new levels and download them in seconds. Once you have completed the original levels, you can continue to enjoy new DLC levels to challenge your skills.

    Continuing, Errro 2 also includes a brand new Challenges system. The challenges function much the same way as "achievements." Every level presents you with a series of challenges to complete. Some you will complete with ease, but others will require you to approach the level in entirely new ways!

    Theatre Mode allows you to save and watch replays of levels you have completed. After you have perilously sidestepped the spikes and the pitfalls to finish the level barely on time, you can sit back and watch it all over again to see all of the cool moves you made!

    Also of note, the game capitalizes on the replay engine to provide an in-depth set of popup-video style video tutorials. Instead of merely reading instructions on what object does what, you can witness firsthand how they function before trying them out for yourself. Plus, each of the puzzle levels gives you the option of viewing a brief but useful video hint in case you become hopelessly stuck on a puzzle level.

    Wrapping up, Errro 2 comes with an array of sound effects, and with over 20 minutes of music you won't have to hear the same loop over and over. You can toggle these settings among others (such as complete keyboard / gamepad / joystick customization) in the preferences menu.

    Thanks for taking the time to read about my game. I hope you find it challenging and enjoyable!

    *Dependencies Note - If you plan to run the Source Code Version, you will need python (2.6 is best), pygame, and pyopengl installed.

    In Ubuntu, you can install pygame and pyopengl via the following 2 commands:

    sudo apt-get install python-pygame
    sudo apt-get install python-opengl
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  • Wednesday Jun 9th, '10 @ 5:10pm
    New Game: Wordtris!
  • Wordtris
    posted by mike

  • Every now and then I watch someone play a game and I get some crazy idea about how to turn it into something the same yet different. I'll admit, it often tends to involve Tetris. ;)

    I like to play word-finding games like Scrabble or Boggle, and I like to play Tetris. Now, I can play elements of both game types at the same time! In Wordtris, you have falling Tetris pieces that have letters on each tile. You have to try to make words out of the letters. You can also clear the rows (like in standard Tetris) if you need to make some room.

    Wordtris will definitely make you think!
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  • Wednesday Jun 24th, '09 @ 8:44pm
    Errro Revision Available
  • Errro
    posted by mike
  • You can't always predict everything when you release a game. :) I have an updated version of Errro with a couple of small enhancements.

    Update - You can't always predict it on the second try, either. If you downloaded the source version update in the last couple of hours, please download it again. It fixes a crash bug in the level editor. Thanks!

    Firstly, the new source version includes compatibility with Python 2.6. Previously, it only worked through Python 2.4. If I had updated my system in a more timely fashion, I would have worked this fix into the first version.

    Also, both versions include the following fixes:

    - A new "undo move" feature
    - An option to run the game in fullscreen mode
    - Fixes to 2 levels (later in the game) that make them easier possible
    - Fix to the sound effect preference setting

    Also, make sure to look at some of the new downloadable levels! I posted a screenshot of the newest such level; you can currently see it at the side.
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  • Saturday Jun 20th, '09 @ 12:57pm
    Errro Complete!
  • Errro
    posted by mike
  • Well, believe it or not, I have finally finished Errro!

    I started this project many months ago. As I've mentioned previously, I intended to use Flash for the game. I had almost everything working in Flash, too. Unfortunately, I grew dissatisfied with the performance and palatability of Flash/ActionScript; thus, I ported it to Python/OpenGL.

    Errro is a puzzle game. You face no time limits; you face no enemies. You must simply gather each of the gems in the level. As you might expect, getting the gems usually proves challenging. :P In all, Errro ships with 50 levels (along with 15 tutorial levels).

    In addition, Errro features a direly simple level download option. From the game itself, you can navigate a list of new levels to download. (One of the levels might even have a bonus feature...) This will offer you a virtually endless supply of additional levels!

    For those of you who enjoy creating content for games, Errro provides an easy-to-use level creation tool. You can design your level in minutes, and then with a simple click you can upload it for everyone else to download. =)

    Windows users can download the ... Windows version. This allows you to play the game immediately without any requirements.

    Linux and Mac users should download the Source version. (Alternatively, you can of course run the Windows version virtually.) You must have python 2.4, pygame and pyopengl installed on your system to run Errro. On Linux, installing these should take less than 2 minutes.

    I'll conclude with a brief rundown of Errro's main features.

    Errro Feature List

    - 50 challenging levels (+15 tutorial levels)
    - Powerful Level Editor with upload capability built in
    - Level completion tracking
    - Stirring music and sound effects
    - Online Level Browser

    Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy the game!
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  • Thursday Jun 18th, '09 @ 3:05pm
    Errro Release Imminent
  • Errro
    posted by mike
  • Finally. :P

    Don't mistake this post with all of the previous posts that trumpeted the looming release of Errro. I'm not crying wolf, I promise!

    I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the game. It has actually undergone some significant changes since I last posted about it. Chiefly, I decided to port the game to Python (from Flash). This allows for much better game performance. It also makes me happy. Nothing beats Python. =)

    Over the last several days, I've been adding various menus to the game, redesigning levels (I finished work on upgraded graphics for the game), implementing sound effects, and other such things. Everything's looking pretty good!

    To hold you over until I release the final version (look for that in the next week or so), I posted a couple of new screenshots in the Errro screenshot section.
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