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  • Errro
  • Released June 20, 2009
  • Welcome to the challenging world of Errro!

    Errro is a puzzle game. Forsaking reflex-testing elements such as enemies and jumping sequences, Errro instead challenges your mind with a series of increasingly challenging gem-collection puzzles.

    Can you navigate through the objects and perils of each level to gather all of the gems?

  • System Requirements
  • Windows users can download the Windows version and play right away!

    Linux and Mac users should have Python 2.4, Pygame, and Pyopengl installed to run the source version. Simply run the script to begin the game!

  • Features
  • 50 Levels (+15 Tutorial Levels)

    Errro ships with a total of 65 levels. Some of them will prove simple; most of them, though, will range from moderately challenging to obscenely difficult! =)

    The game will keep track of which levels you have beaten; thus, you can easily page through the level selection menu to find levels that you have yet to solve.

    Level Editor

    I have loved level editors for a long time. I do my best to include them in each game I create. In Errro, I included a powerful but easy-to-use level creation tool.

    In mere minutes, you can put together a cool level and populate it with various objects. When you are done, you can choose to upload your level to the online level listing!

    Online Level Browser

    On that note: Errro offers you a very simple way to download new levels. You don't even need to leave the game!

    You simply navigate to the online level browser to get a listing of all of the available levels for Errro. A check mark will appear next to any level that you have previously downloaded.


    Errro comes with some nice music and sound effects. However, if you prefer to play without them (perhaps you prefer to listen to a personal mp3 collection), you can easily disable them.