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  • Wednesday Jun 10th, '09 @ 10:13pm
    A Demo Release for the ASCII Game!
  • ASCII Game
    posted by mike
  • Somewhere in the neighborhood of a year ago, I released a short demo of my ASCII game. The game didn't have a very wide range of enemies; it primarily offered a series of platforming challenges. Thus, I don't believe I even posted the demo on my website.

    Today, though, the ASCII game has reached a much better point in its development. The game has added vertical scrolling, grabbable objects, new enemies and new world types. (I especially like the "winter world" and its cool snow effect.) All of these additions provided more than enough fuel for a second, more robust demo of the ASCII game.

    Having run a beta release revealed a couple of small but corrigible bugs (my favorite: the game crashing at launch if you didn't have a joystick attached... oops!), I can now present you with the new demo of my ASCII game!

    If you run Windows (any version), I recommend that you download the binary version. You can run it without any prerequisites. If you use Linux or a Mac, you can consult the Demo 2 forum thread if you need help with the dependencies.

    Windows Binary download (5MB)
    Source download (2MB)

    For a quick peek at what kinds of levels to expect in Demo 2, you can check out the ASCII screenshot section; I posted a fair number of new images this evening.

    I hope you enjoy the demo! If you have any problems running it, just mention it in the thread and I'll do anything I can to help you out.
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  • Saturday May 30th, '09 @ 9:17pm
    Bad Guys and Dialog Boxes
  • ASCII Game
    posted by mike
  • I'll begin with a quick update on Errro: Errro has been sitting on the back burner for the last few weeks. I am still working on getting some upgraded graphics. Hopefully I can finish up with that in the near future; afterward, I will need to retouch all of the levels using the new graphics. After that, I will release the game! =)

    Let's talk about the ASCII game for a minute now. If you've followed this project (any of my projects?), you know that it has moved along with all of the consistency of a teenager driving a stick shift for the first time. For now, I've resumed work on the project and the cylinders are clicking nicely so far.

    Recently I've concentrated on adding some new (or "some at all") enemies to the game. I probably have somewhere in the vicinity of half a dozen enemies altogether as of this writing. As inspiration allows, I'm going to work on getting some more friends for this sextet.

    I also finally got around to revamping the control customization dialog. The game does not feature a particularly overwhelming number of controls, but I had reached a point where separating the customization dialog into separate sections (for "movement" and "actions") seemed appropriate. I hemmed and hawed my way through the process until I got something satisfactory.

    Lastly, if you didn't notice, I recently posted a new screenshot called "A Spooky Forest."
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  • Friday Mar 27th, '09 @ 1:42pm
    Errro reaches 50 levels
  • Errro
    posted by mike
  • Well, the "Content Race" sure made a few length pit stops, but finally I have reached my target level count for Errro: 50 levels. I think I did a pretty good job on them; you'll certainly find yourself challenged to solve many of them!

    Unfortunately, this does not quite yet signal the completion of Errro. I still have a decent number of tasks to complete.

    For starters, I've been working on giving the game a graphical upgrade. Previously I rendered the game in a fairly diminutive 320 x 240 area; I'll be expanding that and also replacing the graphics that have appeared in past screenshots. I think it will look pretty good when I'm done.

    However, I initially hard-coded the game for the previous dimensions. You'd think after all this time I'd have learned not to do that. You'd think! I actually spent some time a couple of weeks ago changing the code to use variables instead of hard-coded numbers, but I still have a few issues to resolve.

    Elsewhere on the docket, I'll need to work on things such as the menu systems (makeshift at the moment) and some of the website integration of the game. The latter will include features like a page that tracks which levels you have and have not beaten; this will (a) help you keep track of which levels you need to beat (especially if you skip around), and (b) help you demonstrate your awesomeness to everyone else. :P
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  • Tuesday Feb 10th, '09 @ 4:30am
    The Errro Content Race Begins
  • Errro
    posted by mike
  • Some time ago I introduced a new flash project called Errro; some time ago I considered the engine for Errro fairly close to complete. Only level creation remained, basically.

    Much time passed.

    Now, I have finally gotten to work on putting together some maddening levels for the game. I'm making fairly decent progress, but I'm not working to the point where I will become burnt out, either. =)

    Through the course of making these levels, I decided to make a couple of minor changes to the way a couple of objects work. Unfortunately, I always seem to end up fixing up the code to support these minor changes. :P Then I of course end up worrying about what else might start working incorrectly after I change the code.

    Despite such code concerns, everything looks to be moving along pretty well. I wouldn't dare to put a timetable on the game's release, but as long as I can stay focused on maintaining moderate, steady level production, I think you should have a chance to play the finished product sooner than later. =)
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  • Tuesday Jan 13th, '09 @ 2:18am
    New ASCII Game Screenshots
  • ASCII Game
    posted by mike
  • Now that I think about it, I don't think I ever officially introduced my ASCII game on my website.

    I've been working for a while now (intermittently) on a game that uses letters and numbers (ASCII characters) for all of the graphics. Everything from the various worlds to the main character appears as an arrangement of ASCII characters. I do apply color to the characters, though. It would surely look glum otherwise!

    I just added a couple of new screenshots to the game's section; these shots display a few new scenery objects that I've added to the game.

    At this point, the game has a good code base. I still have plenty of coding to do, but it has certainly reached a playable state.
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